Welcome to the Unofficial Wiki of the Town of Arlington (Massachusetts).

We've recently added a Forum. We are certainly not trying to displace The Arlington List, but this is an experiment to see if there is any interest in such an online forum. Let us know what you think!

Among Arlington residents, certain queries arise regularly (e.g., on the Arlington List) and while folks are often told to "search the archives", we thought it might be nice to have a central repository of some of that commonly sought after information. This site gives us a common place. Please consider contributing.

Jump on in, add or edit pages, and we'll see where this goes. If you are adding to or editing one of the Local Services pages, please take a look at this Sample Page Template and try to keep the format similar. And, while we don't currently require anyone to register in order to edit pages, we do encourage you to do so. Anonymous editing and comments are allowed but discouraged.

If you edit a page, please make sure to add a note in the "short description of changes" telling us what changed and/or why.

If we start seeing abuse, we will either require user registration or start locking down pages. As of 9/21/2012, this Welcome page is now locked down. If you want to change this page, please contact the site administrator.

At the top of this page, you'll find links to a few useful things - The Arlington List, Local Services, Attractions and Events, Town of Arlington, Community Lists and Orgs and Discussions. There may be other categories of useful information we'd like to keep on here and we welcome suggestions as to where a starting-off point to navigate to that stuff ought to be.

Bear in mind that at any time, you may also hit the link in the sidebar of the page, List all pages, which lists every page that exists on this wiki. Or enter a term in that search box at the top of the page. But for the time being, feel free to use the Miscellaneous page as a place to add anything else which doesn't seem to fit into pages linked to from that top menu. Thanks for coming by and participating.

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