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At present, the wiki is set up to allow anonymous editing by anybody.

An earlier incarnation of the Arlington Wiki eventually got killed because it became the target of wiki spam - folks out there going and editing pages all the time adding spam and unfortunate links to it.

So far, this incarnation has not been the target of any such editing. However, there is a lot of anonymous editing taking place, and that makes it difficult to verify that the changes make sense (ie. if an anonymous person edits a page and, say, removes a business listing - was it because the business asked for that to happen?) Unless it looks like the wiki is being abused, there's probably no reason to restrict editing, but it would be nice if folks editing would add descriptions of the changes they make. And if the wiki does start getting abused, it will be locked down - the first stage would be the elimination of anonymous editing (which would thus require people to register with the site to be able to edit), and if that wasn't enough, specific pages could be locked down as well.

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