Computer Programming Tutor for students of all ages

Computer Programming Tutor for Students of all ages. I specialize in students, Asperger's Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disability, PDD_NOS, Language Learning Disability, or Students Who Simply Love

Computer Tutor
Victoria Gold
10 Willow Street
Arlington, MA 02476

Mission Statement:

My mission is to teach programming to students of all ages and competencies in an interesting and fun manner. Programming is not a difficult skill to acquire, and in fact, it is fun and easy to learn. I do not expect all my students to become computer programmers although some may; but that each student will learn how to create, not just consume, the Digital Media that will dominate, and shape their future lives.

I can be reached via email at moc.dlogikciv|dlogv#moc.dlogikciv|dlogv

Thank you,
Vicki Gold

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